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Dental tourism

Now everyone can afford a perfect smile!



Now everyone can afford a perfect smile!



The combination of medicine and tourism is a relatively new type of tourism that is experiencing high growth rates. Everything indicates that the growth trend will continue in the future, and its slowdown can only be affected by the lack of capacity, and by no means a drop in demand.

Today, 5% of all international travel is related to medical tourism. In the structure of the current total turnover of medical tourism, 40% is for dental services, 42% for orthopedics, cardiology, cardiosurgery and neurosurgery, and 15% for aesthetic surgery.

The quality and reliability of our work is confirmed by a lifetime warranty on dental implants. Dental tourism is a branch of health tourism. Many people from all over the world come to Serbia to fix their dental problems. It's a combination of beautiful and useful - a free vacation in the service of oral health!


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Oral surgery

We can provide you with all types of oral surgical interventions, from tooth extraction to implant placement.


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Dental prosthetics

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Aesthetic dentistry

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Preventive dentistry

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Children's dentistry

Although taking care of your little one's dental health starts during pregnancy, we're sure you should know the facts.

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Now everyone can afford a perfect smile!

Today, Serbia is an increasingly popular health tourism destination for citizens of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden and even Canada and the USA. Over the past few years, the number of patients who come for health services in Serbia, Novi Sad, Niš and other larger centers has doubled.

The equipment we use, such as CAD/CAM technology, which is based on 3D technology and computer-designed work, thanks to which prosthetic restorations are made very precisely, from aesthetic ceramic materials, and only during one visit. There are lasers and laser technology, X-ray devices with a digital sensor that replaces the dental film and emits many times less radiation than with a classic X-ray, intraoral cameras for examining poorly visible areas of the oral cavity.


The quality and reliability of our work is confirmed by a lifetime warranty on dental implants. Each patient receives an international passport certificate with an exact description of the place where the implant was inserted and a written serial number for each implant. The passport is an official confirmation of the premium quality of the implant manufacturer. Our clinics use the most modern materials and cooperate with the best laboratories. Now everyone can afford a perfect smile!

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