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Fixed prosthetics

Fixed prosthetics - production of all types of prosthetic restorations, production of total and partial proteza.

Mobile prosthetics

Mobile prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that deals with by designing and making prostheses by designing and making prostheses functionality, resistance, safety and aesthetics.

Dental prosthetics

Pojam stomatološka protetika obuhvata svaku zamenu, odnosno zamenu za prirodni zub u slučaju da nedostaje jedan, više njih ili čak svi zubi.

The branch of dental medicine called periodontology deals with the treatment of periodontium, i.e. the supporting structures of the tooth, which consist of the gingiva, tooth cement, the alveolar cup in which the tooth is located and the ligaments (fibers) that connect the tooth to the alveolus. In modern society, periodontopathy is the most common disease of humanity. Periodontology makes treatment periodontopathy possible. Periodontitis is a disease. It affects and destroys the periodontal ligament, gums, alveolar bone and cement, i.e. the supporting tissues of the teeth, and eventually leads to tooth loosening and loss. Often this disease is called periodontal disease or periodontal disease, but this is not the correct dental name.


The quality and reliability of our work is confirmed by a lifetime warranty on dental implants. Each patient receives an international passport certificate with an exact description of the place where the implant was inserted and a written serial number for each implant. The passport is an official confirmation of the premium quality of the implant manufacturer. Our clinic uses the most modern materials and cooperates with the best laboratories. In this way, everyone can afford a perfect smile!

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Botox therapy

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Time of stay and deadlines

It is necessary to set aside 2 days in Serbia for the implant intervention. On the first day, the implants are installed and the next day a 24-hour check-up is performed. The duration of the operation itself is from 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the number of implants to be installed. After 3 months of installation, when the implant has grown together with the jawbone, the prosthetic part is made. For the production of the prosthetic part on the implants, it is necessary to set aside 5 to 7 days of stay in Serbia. For the production of all other types of prosthetic works, it is necessary to set aside 5-7 days of stay in Serbia.
In this way, the dental implant completely replaces the lost tooth. The implant becomes a replica of the former tooth. The procedure for dental implantation is simple. At the beginning, it is necessary to perform an X-ray of the jaw, in order to determine whether there is enough bone mass in the jaw. If there is none, an artificial bone insertion operation is performed before implantation. The implant installation operation itself takes about 30 minutes. After the surgery, it takes 3 months for the implant to grow into the jawbone. Only after that period, the patient comes back to the office, where the upgraded structure (supra structure) is screwed onto the implant and prosthetic restorations (crown) are made.

For patients from abroad

Free accommodation with
In accordance with our high standards, we offer our patients free top-class 5-star accommodation in the very center of the capital. We want your stay in Serbia to be unforgettable and as relaxing as possible.


The implant placement procedure

The procedure for installing dental implants is simple. At the beginning, it is necessary to perform an X-ray of the jaw in order to create an individual therapy plan. The implant installation operation itself takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes per jaw. After the surgery, it takes 3 months for the implant to grow into the jawbone. After that period, the patient comes back to the doctor's office where the extension (suprastructure) is screwed onto the implant and an impression is taken and the final prosthetic work (crown) is made.

The implant placement procedure

During the first visit, a clinical examination with an X-ray is performed, on the basis of which it is determined...
After the surrounding bone tissue has fused with the implant, a suprastructure is placed on the implant and an impression is taken for…

Mini implants

Mini-implants represent a real revolution in the rehabilitation of toothless jaws. Patients with this type of problem usually do not have enough bone tissue for any type of assistance other than wearing mobile prostheses. If, on the other hand, the X-ray (orthopantomography) shows that it is possible to place mini-implants - even when at first glance it does not seem that there are conditions for this - they will achieve significant, up to 80 percent better stabilization of the prosthesis.

Sinus lift – raising the sinus floor

In cases of toothlessness in the lateral regions of the upper jaw, resorption of the alveolar ridge and increase in the volume of the maxillary sinus at the expense of the bony part occur very often, as a result of which the height of the bony segment is often not sufficient for implant placement.
In such cases, the surgical method "SINUS LIFT" is performed, an intervention that involves raising the floor of the sinus with the installation of artificial bone in order to upgrade the bone defect and create sufficient bone height, which is necessary for the installation of implants.
There are two sinus lift methods that we perform in our polyclinic: