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Children's dentistry

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Children's dentistry

Although taking care of your little one's dental health starts during pregnancy, we're sure you should know the facts. First, that it is time for the first visit to the dentist after the eruption of the first milk tooth, and secondly, if we have already overlooked it, and the first caries have appeared, the child's desire for further visits will depend on the first experience with the dentist. We sincerely recommend that we take care of your children's dental health. We have a lot of experience, knowledge and will for it. Of course, success also requires your cooperation and help.

We will teach you how to prepare your child for the first visit and what you should and should not tell him. We know that only with our close cooperation will even the greatest children's fears be removed.
We pay special attention to the motivation of children to properly maintain oral and dental hygiene, as well as preventive filling of fissures of permanent teeth and their fluoridation, thus preventing the possibility of the most common malfunctions.


The quality and reliability of our work is confirmed by a lifetime warranty on dental implants. Each patient receives an international passport certificate with an exact description of the place where the implant was inserted and a written serial number for each implant. The passport is an official confirmation of the premium quality of the implant manufacturer. Our clinic uses the most modern materials and cooperates with the best laboratories. In this way, everyone can afford a perfect smile!

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